Unicorn Ring

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Me and my partner at the time were traveling to Seattle to look for a place to rent. We made plans with a friend of a friend to stay at her house while we were looking. We made plans months ahead. We talked at intervals each time confirming our plans. We made our week long trip across the country from Georgia to Seattle. Again, everything was confirmed. 

I was going to give her a 100 dollars to help with utilities and I also made her many silver buttons. She loves unicorns and sewing. Some of the Unicorn buttons I made with Lapis Lazuli stones set into them. I also bought her yards of expensive beautiful fabric for her sewing. I did this as a thank you for letting us star at her place for a week. I want to add that we were going to be sleeping in the back of our truck, not in her house. 

We were on schedule and only an hour away from Seattle. She gives me a call and says that she has been having issues with being too nice to people and so she feels the need to go back on her word and not let us stay at her house! 

We found a camping ground last minute and it rained most of the time. We got a good place to rent though. I used the buttons on my own clothes and made a ring with one of them.